>Broadway, Here I Come!

>After reading the Kyle Dean interview which talked about how you make more money in a touring show than on Broadway, it got me thinking about a couple of things. I’d always thought of touring shows as being lesser than Broadway shows. Of course it is a little different to see a show ‘on Broadway’ and in New York, but touring shows can be just as exciting. They do call them a ‘Broadway tours’, and there is no lack of talent whatsoever.

If Broadway tours were really not as good as the ‘real thing’, why would Alice Ripley be leaving a starring role on Broadway for the same role in a national tour? Maybe it’s not every day that a star like Alice Ripley joins a Broadway tour, but you can bet that someone you saw on tour will someday make it big in New York. There are actually more and more ‘big stars’ showing up on stages across the country. To name a few people who got their start on a national tour or are more well known after it… Kyle Dean Massey, Kendra Kassebaum, Aaron Tveit, and when I look back, we were actually really lucky to get Matt Doyle in Spring Awakening for the Toronto stop in the tour. Not many people had the opportunity to see that! When you look back at touring shows that you’ve seen, you might be surprised to recognize a few names that you hadn’t paid attention to before. When I went to go see Hairspray, who knew that I would be seeing the guy who opened the role of Gabe in Next to Normal and was terrorized on Gossip Girl? Yep, Aaron Tveit played Link Larkin, but back then I only knew him as a cute guy in a show. You never know when things like that will happen. Next time you go to the theatre, pay special attention to the actors you’re seeing on stage. You never know when they’ll pop up on the Broadway radar!

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